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Public procurement

*Preparation of reports and expert opinions on the application of procurement regulations by public authorities. Analysis of the level of accordance with the regulations as well as practical aspects derived from the participation in proceedings and effects in the stage of execution of contracts.

*General advising to companies and individuals in new contracts with entities, institutions and organizations for the purposes of the regulations , that are considered by the public administration as well as with other contracting authorities.

*Advising and technical assistance to contracting authorities in the drafting and preparation of the different documents that integrates recruitment files, depending on their level of support to public procurement rules and in accordance with the requirements demanded in this case, to contracts under European or state funding.

*Preparation of special appeals in recruitment and other claims against those actionable acts under the rules of engagement of the public sector and preparing applications for interim measures.

* Claims for debts (principal and interest) owed to our clients by public authorities.

*Audit of files of public procurement.

*Processing of the business classification of contractors before the various Public Procurement Advisory Boards.

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