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In environmental law matters, the professionals of the firm cover all the aspects arising from the European Union, from the State, from the regional or the municipal law and regulations. In general, this law firm provides advice to individuals and companies in all of its obligations with the environment (water, waste materials, dumping, atmosphere, noise, emission rights, etc.), preparing reports and analyzing the specific situation as well as the review of the fulfillment of the mentioned obligations.

It is also the object of this law firm the advising to Public Administrations, public agencies and entities both in its action and in the development of the law.

Specifically, we work in the following areas:

  • Environmental public services. Water supply for human use, drainage of sewage urban water and waterworks, management of urban waste and its different ways of financing (fares, fees, subventions, etc.)
  • Environmental intervention. Procedures, concession , control, revision and modification of the authorizations and environmental licenses, evaluation of environmental impact and environmental assessment of plans and programs as well as advice in disciplinary actions. Effects of the previous environmental communication. Advice to collaborating entities of the administration in matters of environmental control and environmental checking.
  • Atmosphere and emission rights. Assessment of the fulfillment of the measures imposed in environmental permissions on the limits of the emission. Assistance in administrative procedures on this matter and in relationship to any pollutant type.
  • Noises and smells. Resolution of conflicts by noise or smells. Assessment of the fulfillment of the measures imposed in environmental permissions on these vectors.
  • Hydraulic public domain. Procedures of authorizations and concessions for the different use of the hydraulic public domain. General advising of watering communities and communities of water’ users in general.
  • Waste management. Assistance to manufacturers, holders, businessmen, agents and waste managers of all kinds, included the different systems integrated of management. Legal assessment of the condition of the sub-product and of the waste that is no longer anymore a waste.
  • Natural spaces and protected species. Figures of protection currently in force, application and management of the spaces and protected species. Compatibility between the figures of protection and activities with environmental incidence.
  • Participation, access to the information and environmental justice.

The Right to Industrial Safety

In matters of industrial safety, our professionals have a broad experience in the application of all of the of industrial safety rules, both in installation matters as in products. In this field, we give legal assistance to companies, engineering and other professionals of the sector, as well as organs of control. Moreover, our specialization in environmental Law enhances the level of our services in industrial safety.


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