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The purpose of our firm is to offer customers a comprehensive advising on a matter which by its specialty offers a high degree of technical complexity.

Our goal is to provide excellence in advising and the work we do.

Our solid experience guarantees the defense of the interests of our clients, both Public Administrations and companies and individuals, in the following legal areas:


Urban planning:

  • Advising on drafting of urban planning instruments of public and private initiatives and following of their processing.
  • Formulation of claims and administrative appeals with the determinations and content of planning.
  • Drafting and negotiation of planning agreements.
  • Legal defense of our clients’ interests before the contentious-administrative jurisdiction against the adoption of instruments for general planning and development.
  • Reports on regional planning and urban use.
  • Writing urban Audits.
  • Liability for injury resulting from planning.

Urban management:

  • Drafting of sub-division projects.
  • Advising on the implementation of planning in the various systems of the performance planning.
  • Drafting of the status and bases of the acting collaborating urban entities (Compensation Board, Urban Conservation Authority, Association of Administrative Cooperation).
  • Advising and secretary management of Urban Collaborating Entities.
  • Advising in the negotiation between individuals and the administration to adopt agreements between the various owners and under the urbanization process.

Intervention in building and land use:

  • Legal assistance in the process of granting licenses and authorizations.
  • Legal advising and direction of the processes for challenging authorizations and licenses.
  • Advising in the urban legality renovation process.
  • Advising on planning discipline procedures and disciplinary proceedings arising from urban development.


  • Advising in determining the valuation of the assets and rights involved in expropriation procedures.
  • Advising on the various expropriation procedures:
    • Joint pricing
    • Standard procedure
    • Procedure by operation of law
    • Emergency procedure.
    • Temporary occupation.
    • Direct occupation.
  • Intervention in the various proceedings before the Expropriation Jury to determine the fair price.
  • Expropriation negotiation on mutual agreements.
  • Specialized lawyers in legal remedies against the fair price-fixing agreement.
  • Defense in administrative proceedings by way of fact.
  • Challenges to expropriations proceedings.
  • Council legal right to rehousing.


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